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Film vs digital: another case of the nudge

I’ve read a lot of stuff about photography lately. One argument that keeps popping up, especially with older photographers, is that they prefer traditional film cameras to modern digital cameras. What reasons do they come up with for this? Although some prefer the colours and grainy feel of older photos, most reasons boil down to some sort of nostalgia factor. Those of you below a certain age threshold may not have used or even seen a film camera. So what […]

Latexian for OS X

Why you should show Word the sword and try on some LaTeX

Whilst many academics and authors already swear by it, LaTeX is not a tool that has penetrated the realms of the average computer typist. The main reason for this, aside from a lack of awareness and Microsoft’s marketing assault on the world, is probably the initial technical barrier. It’s not pitched as user friendly, because it’s a ‘professional’ tool, and so its ‘selling point’ is normally related to its features. But that doesn’t mean that it is impossibly difficult to […]

Who stole my disk space?!

I’ve seen this question asked a fair bit around the internet. Whilst there are many explanations to the reason why this is, I thought I’d offer my own flavour in the hope that it will help a few more people understand the issue. The scenario is this: you’ve just bought some external or internal storage for your computer, whether it be a hard drive, flash storage or an SSD. You check the hard drive on your computer and shock horror […]

The Death of Optical Media

As I write this, I am also in the process of ripping all my DVDs to hard drive. They are pretty much the only form of digital media I have remaining in my possession (with the exception of console games) that doesn’t already reside on hard disk space. Most people have already embraced this philosophy with music – indeed even if you don’t exclusively buy digital copies of songs, chances are you’d be ripping your CDs in order to listen […]

iWeb is dead. Long live WordPress!

It seems that Apple have all but killed off their iLife website creation application iWeb. The last ‘real’ version was to be found in iLife ’09 about 3 years ago. Although there was an iWeb ’11, the actual application was practically the same version as the one they released two years prior to it. With the announcement of iCloud and the simultaneous death of Apple’s online storage and hosting platform MobileMe (something which even Steve Jobs admitted was a bit […]

Mouse activity

I discovered a neat bit of software last week. It’s called IOGraph and you can download it here for Windows, OSX or Linux. If you leave it running in the background, it will trace your mouse movements. It will also put a ‘blob’ where your mouse movement comes to a stop. The bigger the dot, the more time the mouse has been left in that position. Although the intention for it was to be an artistic application, I had a […]

Comparing Apples to Windows

                On 2nd May 2006, we were hit with this rather witty advert: After the success Apple had with the iPod and the subsequent interest this generated for other Apple products, they decided to promote their core business – computers. Cleverly, they were designed to point out subtle annoyances that people had come to expect whilst using the ‘Wintel’ class of machines (that’s Intel based machines running Windows), and used it simultaneously to […]

The Future is Nature

Technology is growing fast. It has been for a while, but to really appreciate it – step back and think how far we have progressed in the last 100 years as opposed to the previous 1000. Electricity and the industrial revolution have much to do with it of course, bringing life to numerous appliances and inventions. But really, it was the transistor and subsequently the silicon chip (which utilised and compacted these transistors) that has led to the largest change […]