Original Music

Original Compositions

  • 2019

    The Lost, the Cat, and the Sage

    Hip-hop track with (rare) vocals and lyrics by me

  • El Viaje

    A latin-fusion instrumental

  • 2018

    Final Stage

    My attempt at a retro chiptune-style boss background theme

  • Electrip

    A live-recorded and improvised electronic ambient instrumental

  • 2015

    Drum & Grace

    Progressive rock instrumental with some Morse code...

  • The Vacuous Vortex

    Originally an older progressive rock instrumental, I improved the song a couple of years later with better recording equipment, vocals and lyrics from missannamary, and spoken word by Casey Contranym.

  • A Pilgrimage to the Clouds

    Atmospheric and ambient instrumental

  • 2014

    Titanium Tears

    Guitar-oriented metal instrumental

  • Hey, Now

    I originally came up with this song idea when I was 16 and finally made it into a proper funky tune in 2014. I incorporated part of the bassline that my friend Andy Ware (andrewware.co.uk) came up with back then as well.

  • 2012

    Solaris Ortus

    Atmospheric instrumental

  • Tree of Woe

    Arrangement for 2 acoustic guitars