Category : Poetry

Science news in Haiku

Antibiotic Resistance Cells growing stronger Ineffective medicine New tactics emerge Physical Activity Hated school P.E.? There’s a reason you did it Now you’re good at math Introverts Quiet time is bliss Let others sort themselves out Will lead from behind Flies Buzzz right in my ear Messy face in all the waste You have made me ill Super-recognition Nose wiggles slightly Imprint formed deep in the mind Face I’ll not forget

Pause for Poetry

Circadia Whisper: Silence flows River of sorrow Drowning my woes Tension: Stress compounds Anxiety anew Apprehension abound Terror: Chaotic trepidation Cycle of dread Cognitive asphyxiation Release: Euphoria unleashed Reckless abandon Time to breathe Whisper: Silence flows Air of calm Chapter closed