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Societal Sanity – a short story

“Welcome to the testing simulation! I’m very excited to try this out for the first time with the inclusion of a real human!” boomed a voice from loudspeakers somewhere in the distant darkness of this dimly lit, large room. The room contained multiple tables. Each one had 10 seating places, 5 facing another 5. It was somewhat classy — cabaret-like. At each chair sat a person, or what seemed like one. It was almost like those family gatherings the subject […]

A Fractional Bedtime Fiction

Once upon a time, the great country of Englonia was ruled by the benevolent leader Neelios. He was famed for his mathematical methods of problem solving, and peasants and landowners alike would come to Neelios for justice and fairness to be calculated for them. Of course, his success was, in part, due to the strong support he received from his five noble and wise aides. Drove ‘the Car’ was in charge of healthcare and had almost supernatural healing powers for […]