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Optimism in Europe

There’s a lot going on within the EU at the moment. Part of the anxiety is as a result of the EU referendum in the UK in 2016, but plenty of member countries have their own economic and social issues to worry about as well. I thought it would be interesting to map the ‘optimism’ in order to see how citizens in Europe feel about what may happen in the near future. The map above uses the latest 2019 data […]

243 personality types

People have been trying to categorise others into different personality types for thousands of years. Hippocrates described four fundamental temperaments (sanguine, choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic) that were thought to be induced by a difference in balance of bodily fluids. Since then, a plethora of other typing systems have been devised, such as the commonly used ‘Myers-Briggs’ system (MBTI). This applies theory based on the work of Carl Jung to create 16 personality types. Meanwhile, more contemporary psychology, which adheres more closely […]

Inconsistent nutrition labelling

A few weeks ago, I was at the supermarket and decided to buy a different cut of meat. As I pay attention to my caloric intake, naturally I checked the nutrition information on the back. I noticed something odd… This is the labelling for the chicken breasts I regularly buy. It’s quite clear, and gives values per 100g to allow for easy cross-comparison between foods. However, this is the labelling for chicken thighs. Notice anything different? This gives you the […]

The best country to be in for a 4-hour flight to a new country

I realised during my long flight from the US recently that around 4 hours on a plane is the time where I start to feel tired, such that I’m not going to feel particularly fresh or able to do anything on the other end. Lucky, I thought, that the UK is quite well connected to other countries. I wondered just how many destinations I could fly to if I were to just hop on a plane in London, where the […]