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Alternative lyric interpretations

“All I wanna do when I wake up in the morning is see your eyes: Rosanna.” Toto – Rosanna

“Learn to read the Bible effectively”

This leaflet came through my letterbox last week. “An exciting 6 week seminar”, free of charge, to learn how to read the Bible effectively. Apparently. It is being run by the ‘West Christadelphians’ – something I can only assume is an organisation set up by fans of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. At first I was going to give them a little credit, since running a 6 week long seminar is quite ambitious and impressive by anyone’s standards. However, […]

A Simpleton’s Succinct Summary of Sport

In today’s modern world, it is quite likely that you will come across a group of individuals doing battle with another group of individuals. However, it may surprise you that there are no kingdoms, knights heads, or fair maidens up for grabs. Instead, these people running around like headless chickens are participating in something known as ‘sport’. I appreciate that this may seem rather puzzling. Fear thee not! I have assembled the finest succinct guide in all of the galaxy […]

SPUC's campaign against destruction of unborn children.

Society for the Preservation of Uninformed Charlatans

Earlier today, my mail slot was rather firmly penetrated by this wonder of wonders. “Stop!”, it commanded. Apparently the Prime Minister is destroying Britain’s families! As you can imagine, I was quite alarmed by this. After all, we all come from some sort of family, no matter how broken. I wouldn’t like to think that there would be more breakage. I read on, wanting to know exactly how this destruction would be caused. Supposedly, it’s down to same sex marriage […]